IPA Zounds

The IPA Zounds application models language sound change by applying a given set of sound change rules to a given lexicon. It has a built-in model of the IPA, allowing users to write input words in IPA characters, and rules using those characters and/or the distinctive features of the model. So, for example, a rule to lengthen any vowel before a final voiced postalveolar fricative would be written as: [+syllabic]/[+long]/_ʒ#.

The program provides a GUI for nice display.

An online demo is available to give a taste of what the application does.

The latest release is 3.1, made on 17 February 2006.

There are three parts to IPA Zounds:

  1. Zounds, the sound change engine which applies the rules to the lexicon. This can be used by itself from the command line or by another script. It is very similar to Mark Rosenfelder's Sound Change Applier and the Lingua::SoundChange Perl module.

  2. An IPA extension, which adds support for using IPA characters and binary features in the lexicon and rules. It can be used from the command line or by another script.

  3. A GUI to the IPA extension. This allows for nice display of the lexicon, rules and output, provided a Unicode font with the appropriate glyphs is installed.

The application uses Unicode to represent all IPA characters. However, the program can automatically convert between Unicode and X-SAMPA, and user-defined script mappings can be made so that all input and output are in a different orthography.

IPA Zounds is released under the GNU GPL, and is free to download, use and modify. The manual is online, as well as included in the download package.